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Quiet Quitting

Recently there is an online viral phenomenon dubbed “Quite Quitting”. What is it?

Quiet Quitting is when you are not quitting your job, but you stop putting effort into it. Basically, you just do the bare minimum required by your job or even less.

For example:

  • Finish work at 5 pm on the dot. Whether you actually still have some unfinished task or not.
  • Delaying tasks till the last minute on the deadline or even missing the deadline on purpose.
  • Stop being engaged in meetings or events. You are just there in person but avoid any discussion or active participation.
  • Definitely no overtime or work on weekends or time offs.

Why do people become a quiet quitters? There could be some reasons:

  • Boredom. Doing the same thing over and over again for years.
  • Burned out. Colleagues left the company but no backfill. Workload goes to you.
  • Not appreciated. You put so much effort and even exceeded the goals but nobody appreciates it, especially your superiors.
  • Treated unfairly. You do the hard work but credit goes to your colleague who conveniently claims it with sweet talk to twist the fact.
  • Lose hope of career advancement. If you know there is no prospect of climbing the ladder in your career, there is no point in working hard anymore.

So have you been in such a situation of quiet quitting? Or have you seen someone doing it? What do you think?

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