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Why do some people have anxiety while others don’t?

You have read in the previous article that people may look at you differently when you tell them that you have anxiety. They dismiss it and tell you to “Shrug it off”.

It is not their fault. It is because they really don’t understand your conditions because they have never experienced it. Everyone is different.

So why do some people have anxiety while others don’t? What causes anxiety?

A combination of factors causes anxiety. It is not a single thing. The same bad thing may happen to two friends. But while the effect is not severe for one person, it may be very bad for the other one. It is because the other person may have other factors that may exaggerate it.

These are some of the factors that may cause anxiety on some people:

Family history of anxiety. When we know that we have anxiety, it could help to give us more understanding when we ask around in the family if they have experienced it too, such as our parents, uncles, aunts, and cousins. Genetics may cause some people more prone to the risk of anxiety than others.

People with some personality traits may be prone to anxiety. Such as perfectionist, timidness, and the need to have control over things.

Unhealthy life or work. If people live in a risky neighborhood and feel unsafe all the time, they could develop anxiety over time. Or if people work in a toxic office environment, the daily negativity and stress could develop into anxiety and other mental health issues.

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