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Worry vs Anxiety. Are they the same?

You may be wondering, are worry and anxiety the same? After all, they both give you unpleasant feelings.

Fundamentally, they are different.

Worry is a reaction when we face a specific problem or situation. Often it has a time frame such as immediate, days, weeks, or months.


  • Not sure if you turned off the stove when you left your house.
  • Worry if you would pass next week’s exam.
  • Worry if you can perform best for tomorrow’s interview.
  • Worry is a small part of anxiety.

When we worry, we naturally start thinking of how to overcome the issues. Such as we study or work harder, acquire new skills. We try to find the solution logically.

But anxiety is more elusive. It is something that we are not sure why we feel or react in certain ways, often this reaction is exaggerated and could result in more harm than good.


  • Harder to manage and may linger. Often something that is out of our control. Involves a lot of “what ifs”.
  • Affects your decision-making process, making it poorer, impulsive, or end-of-the-world type.
  • Trigger a physical response. You feel tired all the time, and have headaches, stomach aches, and shortness of breath, panic attacks.

Have you encountered such a situation?

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