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You may be addicted to anxiety, stress, negative thinking

Is it possible you could be addicted to feeling anxious, stressed, or negative thinking?

Yes, you could.

Personally, I never thought of this myself. Until one day, during a self-reflection, I saw it. It was a fine day when nothing bad happened. My work was doing great. I finished all the tasks and deadlines without any issues, the family went great, and everything was good. But then a thought occur to me, it was impossible that everything was fine. There MUST be something wrong that was already going on but I wasn’t aware yet.

Have you ever got the same negative thought or feeling?

If yes, you could be addicted to anxiety, stress, or negative thinking.

Why do they become a form of addiction?

It is because our mind feeds off repetition. When you keep thinking negatively, your mind gets accustomed to it and it would begin automatically looking for anything that is negative in everything.

And this thought is reflected in our feelings and behavior. Over the years, it would be worsening to a point that you would feel guilty when something positive happens to you.

How do we break this vicious cycle of negative thinking that ruins our lives?

The good news is there is a way.

The same way negative thinking comes to be on us that is through repetition of negative thinking, we can force ourselves to focus more on positive thinking.

Why do I have to use the word “force”? Because it is difficult. When you have been engulfed in negativity, everything that you see is negative. But if you try hard enough, keep trying, you can see something good in it.

For example, when I searched for myself, I found that the source of my negativity was when I remember things that I haven’t achieved or failed to achieve. So, what I have to do is to force myself to look for things that I have actually accomplished, no matter how small they are, that were buried in that negativity.

Keep forcing yourself to focus on everything positive that you do or that happens to you every single day before going to sleep. Be grateful for it. Tell yourself that you are happy about it.

By doing this every day, your brain would rewire itself to be more positive, and in turn, it will give you a good mood and feelings. Your life would change from being miserable all the time, to being happy.

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